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About Us


ACSL is a non-governmental organization, which has been operating since 2007 in Armenia and abroad. ACSL provides a stable platform for critical analysis, information exchange, and interactive communication contributing to the development of alternative and experimental contemporary art practices, residency programs, and international exchanges. Another mission of the organization is implementing workshops and seminars including the development of educational programs for young art professionals and students, as well as building an archive-database representing contemporary Armenian artists and the activities of international artists.

ACSL is the initiator of the establishment of the “Art Commune” International Artist-In-Residence Program in Yerevan and in the village of Garni, Armenia starting from August 2008. The “Art Commune” is a general member of the Res Artis worldwide network of artist residencies and could be considered as one of the main hubs of ACSL’s activities. It directs its working vector towards the creation of an artistic intellectual space, where the residents get the chance to learn and conduct research about Armenia with its cultural, socio-political, and ideological issues. The other goal of the “Art Commune” AIR Program is to give an insight into the Armenian contemporary art and culture inviting artists, curators, scholars, and other professionals to share their views and cultural backgrounds aiming at knowledge exchange and further collaboration.

The main annual projects by ACSL:

1. International Annual Forum on Contemporary Art (different topical issues)

2. International Annual Symposia under the common title “Gender Trouble”

3. International Artist- in- Residence “Art Commune”.


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