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Art Commune Artist-in-Residence Program

General Information



How to Reach the Residency


General Information

The Art Commune International Artist-in-Residence program is an initiative of the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL). The Program was founded in 2008 and embraced the Residency cluster and the Platform In-LAB [Theory and Practice]. The goal of the Art Commune is to create a discursive space where the residents will get the chance to interpenetrate into the local cultural and socio-political contexts as well as combine the contemporary art practices with a series of meetings and discussions with local and international cultural experts, critics, art curators, and artists. The topics of recent discussions were the following: Between enforced sameness and permitted difference: the post-Soviet Armenian nationalism / a nostalgia for the modern Russian-Soviet hegemony and the cultural resistance, the language and the process of visualization, the language of the present conformism 2000s: the cultures of (de)(re)modernization Orientalism as an unacknowledged perspective for thinking of the Armenian cultural identity (identities). The Platform In-LAB [Theory and Practice] is an open platform which, along with interest in organizing meetings and discussion with local critics and scholars, is also oriented to the social turn in contemporary art practices, i.e. socially engaged art, dialog art, participatory art, contextual art, etc. with overturning the traditional relationship between the art object, the artist, and the audience. This kind of art testifies that artists are conceived not only as individual producers of discrete objects, but as producers of situations, processual and collective work within studio and post- studio practices. The resident artists are also welcome to participate in the International symposia ‘Gender Trouble’ and other events organized by ACSL annually and occasionally. The Art Commune is a general member of the Res Artis worldwide network of Artists Residencies. ACSL is a non-governmental organization with the aim of establishing a stable platform for critical analysis, reflections, open discussions, information exchange and interactive communication, which would contribute to the development of contemporary art practices by setting up researches, discursive events, exhibitions, educational and residency programs. ACSL promotes the development of Armenia as a zone of cultural dialogue and meeting place with its current situation as a post-Soviet country and with its all contextual and ideological issues. ACSL operates and spreads its multilateral activities in Armenia and abroad.


Program Description
Through the annual local and international projects and Artist-in-Residence program “ART COMMUNE” Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL) combines the wider contemporary art practices with series of meetings with cultural experts, art critics, curators, artists and philosophers to develop strategies in Art and Culture, thus aiming to support artistic processes.
The program consists of a residency up to one year (12 months) and includes specialized private and shared studios for producing the art works/projects of all art disciplines. Private studios are available for artists 24 hours a day. Three meals per day are available for artists upon mutual agreement.

Every year ACSL also produces 2 Annual International events under the topical issues:

(Workshops, exhibition, seminars, conferences, and public talks/screenings are planned)

(Workshops, exhibition, seminars, conferences, and public talks/screening are planned).
The interested artists-in-residence can be involved in the above mentioned events without extra fee if their ideas will be relevant to the topical conceptions of the events.

Discipline(s) and Media
• Visual arts
• Performing arts
• New Media
• Sculpture
• Architecture
• Music
• Fiction/Non Fiction
• Curatorial Studies
• Art Criticism


Duration of residencies
The minimal duration is 2 weeks, the maximum is 12 months. The stay duration is defined by agreement.

Allowance granted to artists
ACSL does not currently provide grants.

“ART COMMUNE” Artist-in-Residence Program does not provide all potential residents with special stipend, but we are ready to provide the selected artists with official letters/invitation which may help them to find funding.
ACSL can cover artists’ expenses for accommodation and organize other supports in case of having grants and funding from different Foundations and Private Sponsors. 

"ART COMMUNE" Artist-in-Residence program has agreement with different spaces to develop the artist-in-residence program in Yerevan and in the village of Garni (32 km from Yerevan).
Applicants can apply for one of those spaces or combine them during their residency program; they can also make final decision upon the arrival in Yerevan and observation of the venues.

Residency in Yerevan
The main space for artistic housing and studios in Yerevan is provided by the Big Alternative Educational Complex (6 institutions), including the High School of Arts, which is located in the South-West part of Yerevan.
Artists stay at the guesthouse of the Complex, which has a capacity of hosting 8-10 artists at the same time.
Each artist has a separate bedroom, a common kitchen and a lobby with a TV. 3 shared bathrooms are available. The venue has Wireless Internet.
Three meals per day are available for artists upon mutual agreement.
Artists can also use the gym (free) and the swimming pool at a lower fee.
Art studios are also located in the territory of the Big Alternative Educational Complex. It takes only a few minute walk from the guesthouse to the studios.
The territory is convenient for Land Art.

There are several studios, situated in the guesthouse building or spread throughout the Educational Complex:
• 100 sq. m studio on the groundfloor of the guesthouse, where several artists can work simultaneously
• Sculpture studio
• Ceramic studio
• Musical studio
• Media lab

Residency in the Village of Garni
Artistic Villa Residency in ArmeniaThe other option for housing and studio is located in the village of Garni (32 km) not far from Yerevan in the private artistic villa which is near the Garni temple built in the second half of the first century B.C. The structures of Garni combine elements of Hellenistic and national culture, which are an evidence of antique influences and the distinctive building traditions of the Armenian people. The structures of the fortress of Garni are in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. The fortress is situated in a picturesque mountain locality and commands a broad panorama of orchards, fields and mountain slopes of the jagged and precipitous canyon of the Azat River.

The residency is a 3-storey artistic villa with 150 sq m on each floor. The large lobbies of each floor give the artists an opportunity to use the space as studios or showing rooms. An exhibition hall of 100 sq m is available with a separate entrance as well. 
The residency has the capacity of hosting 2 artists per time. Each of the artists will have a separate bedroom, a shared bathroom and a kitchen.
Three meals per day are available for artists upon mutual agreement.
The residency also has a garden, where artists can work.
The territory is convenient for Land Art.

Other Residency Options
Artists can also rent a private flat. ACSL cannot cover the costs for that. However, some information assistance can be provided.

Integration to Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL)
ACSL usually organizes a public talk and a screening for each artist-in-residence to present her/his artistic practice to the public and to enable the artist to meet cultural experts, art critics, curators, artists and philosophers from the local art field.
ACSL provides the artists-in-residence with the opportunity to visit Armenian Art institutions, Cultural Centers, galleries and Armenian artists’ studios in the frameworks of “Art Commune” Artist-in-Residence Program.
ACSL organizes two annual international events GENDER TROUBLE in Spring and the International FORUM ON CONTEMPORARY ART in Autumn. The artists-in-residence can generate ideas and take part in the announced international events if they are interested or if their project has a topical relevance.

Presentation of Artists' Work
Exhibitions, artistic talks and screenings, open studios, workshops, seminars are encouraged and can be arranged in “ART COMMUNE” Artist-in-Residence Program in a variety of settings in the center of the Yerevan city
• Modern Art Museum
• Armenian Open University/Department of Fine Arts (Project Space)
• Art mix Gallery
• AJZ Studio
• High School of Arts/’Suburb’ Cultural Center
• Galents Museum & Foundation

You can get acquainted with the completed projects by artists-in-residence under the Projects section of the website.




Decisions are made by our selection panel/ board and are announced 20-30 days after receiving the application.
Collaborating artists must apply individually.
Artists who are accepted do an Initial Technical Review with the residency program Officers. The Officers will inquire the artist about the technical specification of the offered project before beginning the residency.

How to Apply
Applicants should present the following documents.
1. Artistic Statement: Please write (500 words, 12 pt font) about your creativity, your current thinking and what you would like to accomplish during your residency time in AIR “Art Commune”.
2. Brief Curriculum Vitae (no more than 2 pages)
Filled application form

NOTE: All materials should be in English or Armenian and named as: “name. application.doc”, “name.CV.doc”, “name.statement.doc”.

A DVD copy is expected to be submitted for preview purposes, accompanied by a printed application form. The DVD should be sent to ACSL postal address.
Shipping of the preview copy or copies is paid by the applicant. No preview copies are returned. Please send us 1 SASE with postage for return of materials if you want your materials back.
Please, first contact us via e-mail.

We have no deadlines, it is an open call. But all potential applicants of "ART COMMUNE" Artist-in-Residence program have to apply at least one month before their preferable residency date.

Program Director: Susanna Gyulamiryan
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


By train
No train service.
By plane
ARRIVAL: ‘Zvartnots’ International airport, Yerevan, Armenia. A special driver or one of the members of ACSL will meet artists at the airport and take them to the “Art Commune” AIR Program.
By car
15 min from the Zvartnots airport to the “Art Commune” AIR Program.


Susanna Gyulamiryan

Program Director

(Land) + 374 10 64 20 47

(Mob.) + 374 91 94 47 83

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Postal address:


8 A. Hovhannisyan, Apt. 28

0076 Yerevan, Armenia